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    Tell Your D.C. Councilmembers to Fully Fund Streetcars!

    Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

    Streetcar supporters in D.C., we need your help now to ensure that the D.C. Council approves funding for streetcars so that the first streetcar line can begin operating by early 2012.

    Just last week, the District Department of Transportation publicly unveiled its plan to finish the initial segment of the H Street-Benning Road streetcar line and start streetcar service there by spring 2012. This is excellent news, but it gets even better! Mayor Fenty’s budget includes $63 million for streetcars to make this plan a reality. These funds will pay to connect this streetcar line to the Union Station Metrorail station, install a turnaround at the east end of the line, build a storage and maintenance facility, and purchase six additional streetcar vehicles.

    However, the D.C. Council still must approve these funds as part of the budget, and there are many competing demands for funding before the Council so we need your help now! Please contact your D.C. Council members and let them know that you want them to invest in D.C.’s transit future.

    This investment in streetcars will provide D.C. residents with an efficient and environmentally friendly transit option that will connect D.C.’s neighborhoods, spur economic development, revitalize our communities, and reduce traffic congestion, noise pollution and air pollution.

    Please act now – tell you D.C. Councilmembers that you support streetcars for D.C. and urge them to fully fund streetcars!


    1. TrolleyJockey said:

      It looks as if Routes 10 and 12 will soon roll again! Well, maybe not to their original destinations of Kenilworth and Seat Pleasant but at least along H Street and Benning Road. History repeats itself. Too bad Suburban Gardens is no more; it would have been a fun destination.

      I was on Car 766 when it rolled into Navy Yard car house on January 28, 1962, ending 99 1/2 years of rail service in DC. I am looking forward to riding trolleys in DC 50 years later. I hope we can have a pre-revenue run of the last trip riders and the friends of DC trolleys who have persevered these many years.

      It is amazing seeing rail being re-introduced on H Street and Benning Road. H street was a desolate mess for years after the riots. Benning Road has been a rundown area for far too many years. It is amazing how vibrant and alive these areas are now. This is a good thing.

      I am hoping the new trolley lines will prove so successful the Skoda cars will soon need to be supplemented with long, multi-articulate units that can carry hundreds of riders. That would also be a good thing.

      It was the streetcar that built up H Street and Benning Road many years ago. It looks as if the new streetcar will be the catalyst to renewing the areas that were ruined by the riots. That would be a really good thing.

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